South Korea Becomes The First Country To Levy Robot tax

Yes, you saw it right. South Korea has introduced this new tax which refers to what can be called as the world’s first tax on robots. This measure is out of the fear that automation will soon replace the human effort, leading to mass unemployment. This proposal placed by Moon Jae-in administration does not literally […]

Giant Robot Fight: American robot challenges Japan and China

Two years ago, a group of American roboticists established a company named as MegaBots. The company has released a video challenging a Japanese collective to a giant robot ‘Kuratas’ for a fight. About a week later, the Japanese group, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, agreed to clash robots. The robot is endowed with a terror-stricken claw, large […]

Google Hire app redefining job recruitment

As an employer, now it’s time for you to do away with tracking your candidates manually. Yesterday, Google introduced a new service or rather an app, Hire. It is aimed to address the talent marketplace on behalf of recruiters and help them manage their internal recruiting procedures more effectively. Hire is carefully designed to provide […]

Cheetah 3 MIT robot to work in real life rescue operations

MIT exhibited its Cheetah 3 robot hardly a few hours ago. Keeping in sync with its mind-blowing demos in the past, the world’s one of the first robotics schools is reported to have made another dashing performance yet again. However, in a striking difference, Cheetah 3 exhibited the emphasis was more on practicality than on […]

5G telecom technology to rollout in India pretty soon

India is gearing up for 5G telecom services. Huawei – the globally renowned information and communications technology-solutions provider (ICT) has opened up discussions with the major Indian telecom operators help them upgrade to 5G technology. According to a highly placed source, this upgrade will come into effect by 2018 by all means. Both the parties […]

Facebook to introduce yet another VR set in 2018

Virtual Reality (VR) seems to be most crucial technology tomorrow, courtesy Facebook. Already having its virtual reality goggles, Oculus Rift, in the market, Facebook is gearing up to introduce yet another VR headset in 2018. This upcoming product is expected to have more advanced features and reasonably priced to suit all pockets. In this context, it […]

Infosys goes driverless for AI to be its driver

Infosys focusses on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the avenue to look for profits in the Indian IT sector in the recent times. This revelation came from Mr. Vishal Sikka, the Infosys CEO on Friday. According to reports, Mr. Sikka also stressed on “innovative new technologies” to satisfy clients’ demands in immediate future. Before making this statement, the CEO […]

Tech Companies to control disease spreading mosquitoes

Renowned US tech companies are applying robotics and automation to prevent Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases. This is indeed an unprecedented strategy to prevent the ghastly maladies. It may be recalled in this context, the Zika outbreak recorded in Brazil back in 2015 left thousands of children, if not more, suffering from various irreversible birth […]

Autonomous driving gets more human touch: Courtesy Intel

Autonomous driving is quite gaining its grip these days. So much so, that those companies have already started focusing on the intricate aspects of this phenomena. Further intervention on this topic states the latest study by Intel which mainly focuses on filtering the in-car technologies, in the autonomous vehicles to give a more human touch […]

Research on grain-sized AI chip in India: courtesy Microsoft

Research On Grain-Sized AI Chip In India - Courtesy Microsoft

Artificial Intelligence will now come in the size of an ant – courtesy Microsoft. The Redmond-based organization has initiated a project to develop an innovative range of machine-learning tools and software to embed AI (artificial intelligence) in computer processors with bread-crumb dimension. A team of 30 researchers with impressive credentials, has been deployed in it. […]