Intel’s ‘Threadripper Killer’ Processor Coming Soon

Intel has come up with the descriptions of its latest desktop processors, a family of Intel i9 Core X-Series chips, meant for the high-end desktop market. The salient features of this chip cover almost 18-core processors including the Core i9-7920X, Intel Core i9-7940X, Intel Core i9-7960X, and the ultimate edition of Intel Core i9-7980XE. As […]

AMD introduces cheapest Threadripper: And its cheaper than Intel

Finally, the news is here. The current year witnessed the announcement by AMD, about the release of its high-end, multi-core Threadripper processors. So this time, the latest announcement by AMD states about the things to be expected from the new chips, coupled with the pricing and release information. As per plans, Threadripper will support the […]

AMD Launches Ryzen Pro for Enterprise Desktops

AMD Launches Ryzen PRO

AMD launches Ryzen Pro – a range of processors mainly for desktops used in corporate offices. According to industry insiders, this latest range of AMD products is pretty identical to its already existing Ryzen chips. However, the just-launched range of items is meant to take on vPro-compatible processors from the Intel stable. Intel’s v-Pro has […]