Computing is now merged with Data Storage: Courtesy New 3D Chip

The technological world is quite stirred up with its latest invention. This discovery is much needed at a time when Computer chips’ ability to process an excess of data is almost slowing down, a group of researchers, including one of Indian Origin, have successfully developed a three dimensional(3D) chip to take care of the situation. […]

Research on grain-sized AI chip in India: courtesy Microsoft

Research On Grain-Sized AI Chip In India - Courtesy Microsoft

Artificial Intelligence will now come in the size of an ant – courtesy Microsoft. The Redmond-based organization has initiated a project to develop an innovative range of machine-learning tools and software to embed AI (artificial intelligence) in computer processors with bread-crumb dimension. A team of 30 researchers with impressive credentials, has been deployed in it. […]

Windows 10 deactivates rival anti-virus but transiently: revelation by Microsoft

The recent confession from Microsoft depicts that Windows 10 will disable the third party Antivirus after the OS is updated, but only for the time being. This revelation by a Microsoft executive has resulted in the security company Kaspersky, lodging an antitrust complaint against Microsoft with the European Commission in June. As per the complaint, […]