Forget mouse: Now use your eyes to control Windows 10

Microsoft is on the way of improving the accessibility of Windows 10. On Wednesday Microsoft reveals the details about the new feature which will be introduced on Windows 10. Microsoft has started testing the new windows 10 feature called Eye Control. Microsoft has launched the beta version of Eye control. The feature includes a launch […]

Microsoft launches keyboard with fingerprint ID reader

Microsoft introduces the Microsoft Modern keyboard with Fingerprint ID. It is a keyboard that brings more advantage and security of Windows Hello fingerprint sign-in to any PC running Windows 10, and the Microsoft Modern Mouse which is available for sale for $129.99 and $49.99. Windows Hello will help users to move a password that gives […]

10 devices cannot install the windows 10 Creators update

A few years back, users who are using Windows tablet may get a surprise when they try to install the latest version of Windows 10.  According to Microsoft, the devices that include certain-Intel Atom processors and the Clover Trail series of Chips, will not support the installation of Windows 10 Creators update. The devices typically […]

Androids gifted with an updated version of Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft has brought in some really good news this time, especially for the Android users. The company recently announced some updates to its virtual assistant, Cortana, which includes not only an interface makeover but also inclusion of new features. This makeover is definitely for the better, with the settings of the Cortana 2.9, now more […]

Paint Saved: Confirms Microsoft

Microsoft confirmed in a blog, that they are not killing paint. Paint can be accessed from the next update of Windows 10, the company said on late Monday. US technology company recently released a list which labeled “Paint deprecated”, that means the company was considering removing application when Windows 10 Fall Creators Update gets released […]

Windows 10 welcomes LinkedIn’s new desktop app

LinkedIn has introduced its official desktop application for windows 10 that permits the social networking service that accomplishes Microsoft owned social networking service to be more deeply united into operating system through a feature like the Windows 10 Start Menu, a pinnable Live Tile, and Action Center notifications. These warnings will include things like new […]

Use these shortcuts and forget your mouse

Windows 10 operating system was built with numerous keyboard shortcut keys including new shortcuts for the command Prompt for those who preferred physical board as windows 10 is designed with touchscreens. Here is to present useful keyboard shortcuts for using windows 10. The Basic shortcut keys Ctrl + A: it is used to select all […]