SonicSpy malware remotely controlling smartphones on Google Play Store

A new cyber security threat has been detected by the researchers at the renowned security firm, Lookout. These malicious apps are capable to control your Android smartphone remotely and are being referred to as SonicSpy. The most annoying part of the Lookout discovery is, some of these apps even managed their way into the Google […]

Google’s latest anti-phishing mechanism for Gmail users on iPhone

In its ever-going fight against online forgery and unethical practices, the world’s most popular search engine, Google, has come up with yet another arsenal. It has introduced an anti-phishing mechanism for the Gmail app to guard users against unethical and fraudulent practices that some online businesses and websites indulge into. However, according to reports, this […]

Symantec : Email Malware that develops terrifyingly

The complexity Cyber security landscape is getting increased in the recent months. Based on a recent study by Security firm Symantec, email malware rate continues to increase and to threat WannaCry. According to July’s Latest Intelligence, the email malware rate in July increased to one in 359 emails, up from one in 451 the previous […]

Google blocks Lipizzan Spyware: Androids secured

Google is here again with its latest achievement. This time the new feather to its hat is the discovery and blocking of an insidious Android spyware, Lipizzan. Now, this Lipizzan is infamous for tapping and seizing user text messages, emails, voice calls, photos, location, data and other files. Also, Lipizzan is known for being the […]

Severe security flaw in Mac OS devices: Courtesy OSX/Dok malware

As an Apple user, if you think you are safe from being a victim of cyber crimes, you just need to think again. In a recent development, a new strain of malware has been detected that infects devices that run on MAC OS (Operating System). The range of malicious software applications imposes as bank websites […]

Androids needs to be shelved from LeakerLocker Ransomware

The latest news to hit the headlines is from the Cyber security genre. This time it has revealed the details about the malware LeakerLocker, which has actually entered the scenario to send all your personal pictures, information, browser history to your friends, with greater ease. Also, the worst part is that this malware supposedly does […]

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ready to roll out in digital India

Your online payments procedure is going to get easier and less hassle-free in near future. Google is all set to launch its Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in India to facilitate a revolutionary change in the country’s digital payment structure. The tech giant has already come across the testing phase and approached the Reserve Bank of […]