Feel like gaming while you drive, with this AR helmet

Acura is putting an augmented reality race in the honor of Wearable’s AR Week. On Monday, Acura is on the way of launching the new 2018 TLA A- Spec, an augmented reality helmet. Four “technology influencers”. Four drivers are going to compete against each other that will be broadcasted live on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Acura […]

iPhone8 Camera Might Scan Faces Even Being Stagnant

The trending news this season from the gadget section, is not the leakage of the iPhone 8. It is now widely known that the iPhone 8 will have a full -screen display and a 60 fps front camera. Instead, this week’s latest news leaked out by HomePod firmware, is about the exclusive facial recognition feature, […]

Flipkart to sell refurbished smartphones by Diwali

If you are cool with refurbished smartphones with a limited warranty, then Flipkart certainly has some good news for you. The eCommerce retailer plans to sell refurbished smartphones. According to the Economic Times report, the refurbished items will be available to customers from Diwali onward. The Economic Times further mentioned the Flipkart-certified refurbished handsets will […]

Microsoft designed HoloLens using AI

Microsoft has disclosed that it is working to enable the second version of its HoloLens VR Headset with its own AI processing chip. The company is customizing a new microprocessor that will go into future hard ware products, such as the next version of its HoloLens. It is supplemented reality glasses, to perform artificial intelligence […]

Microsoft inaugrates Cortana-powered thermostat

Microsoft has released a YouTube video launching a new fashionable thermostat, uniting with Microsoft called GLAS. GLAS has presence identification potential that records indoor and outdoor air quality data and sends customers daily usage reports. It is constructed on Johnson Controls, makers of the room first electric room thermostat. Features GLAS will run in Microsoft […]

Cheetah 3 MIT robot to work in real life rescue operations

MIT exhibited its Cheetah 3 robot hardly a few hours ago. Keeping in sync with its mind-blowing demos in the past, the world’s one of the first robotics schools is reported to have made another dashing performance yet again. However, in a striking difference, Cheetah 3 exhibited the emphasis was more on practicality than on […]