You Might Oppose But Can’t Avoid : Sarahah App

The Sarahah fever continues. The Saudi Arabian honesty app which is taking a toll on everyone right now. News feeds flooding with sentences captured inside green and white boxes, depicting confessions, praises, memories of the first meeting, and yes criticisms. The messaging app which has now entered the, “5,000,000- 10,000,000” installs range, topping the list […]

Sarahah: The New Online Sensation

A few days back it was Testony. Now it is the Sarahah, the trending online sensation which has taken the Internet by storm. This is nothing but an app which lets anyone, having your’s profile link, send an anonymous text message. Of course, the messages can be read but giving a further reply to that […]

LinkedIn Lite extends to more than 60 Countries

LinkedIn has introduced LinkedIn Lite mobile Web and Android app in more than 60 countries across the world to assist level the playing field for all our members when it comes to accessibility. Countries include South Africa, the Philippines, Nigeria and more. Linked Lite mobile web mainly aims at speed and lucidity. LinkedIn Lite is […]

Blue Whale Challenge: A Game Alluring Teens To Death


The nation is shuddered by the unfortunate death of a 14-year-old student, who apparently ended his life by jumping off from the terrace of his building at Andheri. Reason? Well, this was the last task he had to perform for being a participant of a fatal online challenge called ‘The Blue Whale’. What is the […]

Facebook to introduce yet another VR set in 2018

Virtual Reality (VR) seems to be most crucial technology tomorrow, courtesy Facebook. Already having its virtual reality goggles, Oculus Rift, in the market, Facebook is gearing up to introduce yet another VR headset in 2018. This upcoming product is expected to have more advanced features and reasonably priced to suit all pockets. In this context, it […]

Live streaming from inside VR: Courtesy Facebook

Facebook now allows you to live stream from inside its virtual reality app Spaces. The facility became available since yesterday and this is a marvelous example of technology reaching newer heights of achievement. To put it in simpler words, it will enable Spaces users to place a virtual camera and stream a two-dimensional feed of […]