SonicSpy malware remotely controlling smartphones on Google Play Store

A new cyber security threat has been detected by the researchers at the renowned security firm, Lookout. These malicious apps are capable to control your Android smartphone remotely and are being referred to as SonicSpy. The most annoying part of the Lookout discovery is, some of these apps even managed their way into the Google […]

Google’s latest anti-phishing mechanism for Gmail users on iPhone

In its ever-going fight against online forgery and unethical practices, the world’s most popular search engine, Google, has come up with yet another arsenal. It has introduced an anti-phishing mechanism for the Gmail app to guard users against unethical and fraudulent practices that some online businesses and websites indulge into. However, according to reports, this […]

You Might Oppose But Can’t Avoid : Sarahah App

The Sarahah fever continues. The Saudi Arabian honesty app which is taking a toll on everyone right now. News feeds flooding with sentences captured inside green and white boxes, depicting confessions, praises, memories of the first meeting, and yes criticisms. The messaging app which has now entered the, “5,000,000- 10,000,000” installs range, topping the list […]

5 Best Dating Apps of 2017

Finding a perfect mate is not easy, but the mobile Internet has put almost every single person in your vicinity at your fingertips. Even a few years ago, Internet dating meant shackle yourself to your computer. Thanks to mobile devices and location-sensing apps that make easy connections and turns the whole world into your playground […]

Sarahah: The New Online Sensation

A few days back it was Testony. Now it is the Sarahah, the trending online sensation which has taken the Internet by storm. This is nothing but an app which lets anyone, having your’s profile link, send an anonymous text message. Of course, the messages can be read but giving a further reply to that […]

WhatsApp introducing colourful texts in users’ statuses

Android Police reported the latest feature to the WhatsApp Status, which allows users to set coloured text as status updates. As such, the WhatsApp image and video-based status option itself is pretty new. It was introduced only last year, in accordance to the colourful text statuses that Facebook allows. However, the latest status feature is […]

LinkedIn Lite extends to more than 60 Countries

LinkedIn has introduced LinkedIn Lite mobile Web and Android app in more than 60 countries across the world to assist level the playing field for all our members when it comes to accessibility. Countries include South Africa, the Philippines, Nigeria and more. Linked Lite mobile web mainly aims at speed and lucidity. LinkedIn Lite is […]

Now, Picture Perfect Before Click : New Find By Google And MIT

Perhaps, the greatest discovery of the year is here. Good news for all the photo freaks out there who can cross miles, just for that single perfect image. So, in view to this, Google, in collaboration with the scientists at MIT, have invented computational photography. In clear terms, this latest research uses algorithms and machine […]

Love selfies? Here is the perfect selfie app

Scientist in Canada have decoded the mystery to perfect selfies. Now anyone can take a perfect selfie with the smartphone. An app developed at the University of Waterloo has made that possible. Scroll Down For Video This Selfie app developed by the Computer scientist that helps people learn the art of taking Cellphone self-portrait. Inside […]