It’s a fact that the new iPhone X is loaded with enthralling features. So, much so that it never fails to amaze the viewers. Today, the discussion is about another such feature of the iPhone X, i.e. a wallpaper app called ‘Notch Remover’ approved by Apple recently.

Now, everyone has noticed rather have a burning hatred of the so-called ‘notch’ on the new iPhone X. So this time, Apple had developed this ‘Notch Remover’ app which makes the flagship iPhone’s notch disappear by placing a black bar where the notch is noticed and starting the wallpaper just below it. Similar to tuning up of the eyebrows into one uniform-looking eyebrow.

One week prior to this Notch remover app, another wallpaper app, Notcho had also launched the same thing. Notcho made an appearance with 11 pre-set wallpaper selections but also offered users with the opportunity to create their own custom notch-free wallpaper.

However, removal of this ‘Notch’ would be quite pricey. Notch Remover comes at a price of $.99. Even if Notcho is free to download, but all of the wallpapers would have a “Notcho” watermark on them unless the users would pay $1.99 to have it removed via in-app purchase.

Lastly if the users want complete removal, but without paying any moolah, the site Gadget Hacks has also come up with a handful of wallpapers for the phone. For this, users just need to download them from the site and start using them on the device.


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