What is the most integral part of Durga Puja? No points for guessing, it is the Pandal Hopping. Luckily, Kolkata has a multi-faceted public transport system. From an underground Metro Rail system to age-old trams, cabs, air-conditioned buses, rickshaws, autos, ferry service and local trains; Kolkata offers you with all the options.

But even after this traveling becomes a hazard during the rush of the festivities. So, we thought of making it a bit easier for you. Why not take a little help of technology in guiding you through the city. Check the list below to find the perfect app, if you wish to avail public transport in the city of joy, during this festive season. Believe us, these apps will reduce your travel time.

Kolkata Metro

Metro Rail is a convenient and comfortable transit system to travel in the city of joy. Terminal points on the Northern and Southern suburbs can be reached in half the time it takes on the road. In absence of any online service from the Metro Rail authority, the Kolkata Metro app acts as a neat substitute. Get one-touch access to information regarding nearest station, fare chart, timetable and live updates. Even the holiday schedules have precisely been added to the app.

Kolkata metro App



Tracking Government buses in the city was never easier until Pathadisha was launched. This app track helps them viewing all the incoming or outgoing buses to and from a specific stop. In addition, commuters can also view the buses operating on a particular route in the real-time coupled with the expected time of arrival (ETA).

Pathadisha app


One of the most popular apps in Kolkata to book a cab online. With customer friendly drivers it’s at times cheaper than its rivals. Uber offers you to either choose a separate cab for yourself or sharing one.

Uber App

Ola Cabs

Ola has, what Uber doesn’t, as of now. If traveling to or from a remote suburb is your necessity, then Ola Cabs is the app to trust on. It also offers you with an array of services to choose from. You can have a separate cab with different price and comfort standards, you can share your cab, rent one or take one to outstation.

Ola Cabs App


Though not a very popular name, yet a very useful one. Use this app to avoid standing in a long queue. UTS on the mobile app is an official mobile ticketing app of the Indian Railways, to book unreserved train tickets. Thus the name UTS, meaning Unreserved Ticketing System. This app is linked to your mobile location and picks up the station near you. You can either use net banking or add money to R-wallet to pay for the tickets. Paperless tickets are available in the offline mode. If you are fond of keeping paper tickets, you can pick up your by showing the booked status in the ticket counter.

UTS on moble app

RTT Kolkata

This app has been specially crafted for the Kolkatans. The Railway Time Table app of Kolkata a.k.a. RTT Kolkata shows the timings of the suburban trains plying to and from the Howrah and Sealdah stations. Along with the CSR (Crowd Sourced Report) feature, an automatic database update is also available which will receive the OTA update of the train time when available. The CSR feature enables the passengers to see the report posted by other App users and is marked as Helpful or Not Helpful. It actually gives a live information about a train.


Kolkata Transport

If you are puzzled to choose the right bus or train route for your travel, then use this app. This offline app shows you the bus routes, the nearest railway and metro stations, based on your destination. The app also has the train timetable embedded.

Kolkata Transport

Kolkata Travel Guide

This app is for the explorer, the tourist in you. Living in the city doesn’t mean you know all its eateries, restaurants. Try this app to explore the one you don’t know. If you are a tourist, you can use the Kolkata travel Guide app to know where to visit and which hotel you should choose to stay, based on your budget. Want to escape from the city life for a day to a place nearby? This app will guide you again. With its list and reviews of the resorts and destinations just outside Kolkata its a perfect online pocket guide for travellers.

Kolkata Travel Guide


Need to go to another city nearby? Just use this app to book a seat in a luxury bus or a hotel online. The redBus app enables you to choose from a variety enlisted bus operators who offer reliable and comfortable services.

Redbus App

K-Bike taxi

This is a new concept in the city. If you are in Sector-V,  New Town or Rajarhat and not getting anything to travel, then you can try this. This is a two-wheeler counterpart of Ola and Uber.

K Bike Taxi App

Google Maps

Last, but a very dependable one in the list – its Google, the mother of all. They say if you want to know, Google it. And it’s true. Apart from showing real-time traffic movements, Google Maps is now offering real time transit information about the buses in Kolkata. It also show the train timings to make it easier for you.

Google Maps

We wish there was also an app for the trams of Kolkata. Since a tram ride in the city of joy is an experience to be cherished. But as of now, there are no such apps.