Brought a new iPhone, but what exiting apps should you install in it? Here are the 10 best must-have apps for your new iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 7Plus, 8,8 Plus or iPhone X.

Fantastical 2

This app is much better than Apple’s one, Fantastical 2. it offers natural input, effortless contact of invitees, geo-fenced reminders, snooze alerts and support for Google Maps and Password.  It works happily with iCloud, Google Calendar, Yahoo, and Exchange.


Skype is a crucial app for communicating over the internet, especially for work communications. You can use it all the time and the iPhone app is much nicer than the desktop one, with really good clarity from microphone and speaker alike.


The Microsoft app works really good. It really works best if you are using it on other devices it is built around syncing. It is a perfectly great stand-alone notes app too and really it really benefits from larger screens of the iPhones Plus and X.

WhatsApp iOS


Apple’s own Message app is really good, but its Apple-only. Via WhatsApp, you can send messages and media to anywhere in the world with the convenience of SMS and cost of a thing that does not cost anything.


Spotify is not only a superb music streaming service with excellent high-quality options for paying subscribers but also works brilliantly with multiple devices. Like you can start a song on your phone and play it Android TV, pick up from where you have left.


CityMapper combines multiple feeds from different public transit agencies to work out the most efficient route, in contrast to the cost of Uber and even tells you the best bit of the platform to stand at while you wait.



/b>Steve Jobs famously told the creators of Dropbox that their service was a feature that could easily be duplicated, but while iCloud Drive does a reasonable job of storage it doesn’t have the super-fast cross-platform, cross-device file-syncing Dropbox offers. The free storage isn’t as generous as some rivals but the sharing is effortless and the iOS app makes it easy to keep on top of the things that matter. There’s automatic photo uploading if you want it too.


VLC is one of the best video apps for Mac or PC, a Swiss Army Knife that can play formats you haven’t heard of. The ios version of VLC is just wonderful. The main draw is its ability to play media without first having to convert it, but it also streams from everything and works with all the major file sharing platforms.

Better Blocker

It plugs into your mobile Safari to banish the blockers, protects your privacy and eliminates user-friendly advertising. Rather than a block-everything approach, it tries to enforce what it calls Ethical Design, and you can unblock sites you want to support.



There is no doubt that uber has completely shaken up the people driving-you-around-in cars business. If you need to go somewhere Uber gets you there very efficiently, and the app is great.