Google Chrome Extensions 2018

Chrome is an excellent browser. It is fast, well designed and packed with essential features. The browsers real strength is in the large library of add-ons that give it endless new functions and abilities. In fact, the Chrome Web Store is packed with several extensions that it is hard to know which will really make a difference to your everyday browsing. Here is the list of 10 best chrome extensions around.

1- FoxClocks

Google Chrome Extensions

FoxClocks is a simple idea and brilliantly executed. It shows you the time different countries at the bottom of your browser. Just pick a timezone or search for a city to add it to Chrome’s status bar. If that looks too cluttered, locations are also accessible by clicking the button beside your address bar.

2- Tab Wrangler

Google Chrome Extensions

If you’re the kind of person who ends up with dozens, or even hundreds of tabs open while you’re browsing then Tab Wrangler is what you need. Tab Wrangler is brilliant for tab-addicts, but bear in mind that it doesn’t save the state of a page, so if you have been working on something in a web app or form.

3- Full Page Screen Capture

Google Chrome Extensions

Firefox Quantum includes a built-in-full page screen grab tool, and Full Page Screen Capture can add the same thing to chrome. The extension does not need any special permissions. Just install it and then click the icon in your browser or tap Alt+Shift+P to take a full-page screen grab.

4- Lazarus: Form Recovery

Google Chrome Extensions

Lazarus: Form Recovery helps you to save data as you type. The typed data can be encrypted and is stored locally on your machine rather than being sent to third-party servers.

5- Stylish

Stylish lets the users apply custom skins to web pages, giving them an instant makeover so they are easier on the eyes.

6- Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the best-known ad-blocker for Chrome. Installation is quick and easy, and the benefits are obvious immediately. Just point your browser at an ad-heavy site, the Adblock Plus icon displays a running count of everything it’s blocked.

7- Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket works much same as Evernote Web Clipper, letting you save interesting bits and pieces during your daily surfing. Save to Pocket lets you save web pages, links, images, files and more to a central list, then automatically syncs the results across all your devices.

8- LastPass

Google Chrome Extensions

It is no secret that using secure passwords everywhere is a vital part of staying safe online. LastPass solves the problem by creating a different strong password for every site, storing it locally in an encrypted vault, and automatically filling web forms and logins as required.

9- Pushbullet

Pushbullet puts all your chat services in your browser, including WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and even SMS messages.

10- Evernote Web Clipper

Google Chrome Extensions

If you are researching a project, or just find yourself getting distracted by interesting articles while you are trying to work then Evernote Web Clipper is excellent. It will allow you save the entire article, a simplified version of it.