Facebook has hit the headlines again and all for bad reasons! No points for guessing but the social media honcho has again found himself in the midst of another hacking controversy. This further refers to hacking of 120 million Facebook accounts and private messages of 81,000 Facebook users being put up for sale in the grey market.

The development was further reported by BBC, which stated that hackers have accessed around 120 million Facebook accounts and their private messages while a majority of users whose Facebook details have been compromised are reportedly based in Ukraine and Russia. However, there is a substantial chunk user from the UK, US, Brazil and elsewhere, as well.

The further part of the report also stated that the breach was first discovered in September this year after one of the hackers put up an advertisement of the stolen data on a forum. On the other hand, the message details of these Facebook users were obtained after they had downloaded a malicious browser extension which dug out the account details of these users.


The last part of the report adds that these hackers sold access to all the information obtained from the Facebook accounts for 10 cents per account. While the perpetrators told BBC Russian Service group that their “database includes 120 million accounts,”, the exact number has not been confirmed by outside cyber security experts, as of now.

Guy Rose, Vice President of Product Management at Facebook, added that, “We have contacted browser-makers to ensure that known malicious extensions are no longer available to download in their stores. We have also contacted law enforcement and have worked with local authorities to remove the website that displayed information from Facebook accounts”.