Artificial Intelligence (AI) might seem like the difficult term but unknowingly you are using it. AI has a huge effect on your life, may be you are not, and its influence is likely to grow in the coming years. Here are 5 examples of artificial intelligence that you use every day.


Video Games

With the video games, AI has been used for a long time. But the complexity and effectiveness of that AI have increased over the past several decades, resulting in video game character that learns your behaviors, respond to Stimuli and react in unpredictable ways.

Shooting games like Far Cry and Call of Duty also make important use of AI, like enemies that can analyze their environments to find objects or actions that might be beneficial to their survival; they will take cover, investigate sounds, use flanking maneuvers, and communicate with other AIs to increase their chances of victory. As far as AI goes, video games are somewhat simplistic, but because of the industry’s huge market, a great deal of effort and money are invested every year in perfecting this type of AI, so games as Overwatch are always becoming more advance so people go online to find overwatch boosting so is easier for them to play these games.



News Group

You must be thinking why I am linking news with Artificial intelligence?

But little did you know that artificial intelligence programs can write stories. According, to Wired, the AP, Fox, and Yahoo! all use AI to write simple stories like financial summaries, sports recaps, and fantasy sports reports. AI is not writing in-depth investigative articles, but it has no problem with very simple articles that don’t require a lot of syntheses.


Flims and Movies

While they’re rather simple when compared to other AI systems, an app like Spotify, Pandora, and Netflix accomplish a useful task: recommending music and movies based on the interests you’ve expressed and judgments you’ve made in the past. By monitoring the choices you make and inserting them into a learning algorithm, these apps make recommendations that you’re likely to be interested in.



Smart Transportation

The aspiring dream of self-driving car projects is turning to reality today. We are in the era of self-driving cars. Despite the eagerness, the technology will take a little while to meet perfection. Governmental organizations getting involved in defining the levels of automation for self-driving cars. In 2012 Google started testing their cars. While the company’s project could not meet the experience of full-automation, other transportation methods like trains and buses can be fully automated with the power of AI.



Risky Jobs

AI can replace the human intervention in dangerous jobs. A robot powered by AI can help in dangerous jobs like bomb defusing. There are robots that are exclusively built for bomb defusing but, they are not as sophisticated as they should be. The current robots built for bomb defusing require a human to control them. Other dangerous jobs like welding, production of toxic substances, intense heat and a workplace with ear-splitting volume can be done by AI powered robots. Having safety features in place can help in reducing human worker’s efforts.