Intel to produce a laptop with a 5G cellular connection, by the end of the next year. Also, this credit would be shared by Intel with the collaboration of Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. To delve deep, the above-mentioned companies are supposed to be working towards creating PCs with built-in 5G connections that would be available by the end of holiday 2019, using Intel’s modems.

Further details of this project state that the 5G Intel modems would be building support for 2G, 3G, and LTE, which is a good thought since 5G deployment would not be something to bank on, at least that this juncture.The main goal is to provide gigabit speeds.

For the time being, this announcement can be regarded more of a target than as hard evidence that 5G PCs are two years away. While 5G technology is getting closer and closer to reality, there are still major unknowns. To this, Rob Topol, Intel’s general manager for 5G technologies, regarded in a conference that, “This shows the building blocks being put into place”.

Further, Topol stressed that there are no firm specs for the devices at this time, but rather the partnership has agreed on some “guiding principles.”

Now, it needs to be remembered here that the development of such devices is critical for Intel, which is in a race with Qualcomm and Samsung to be the provider of choice for 5G modems. Samsung has an advantage as it can build its own devices that contain its modems.

Also, Intel made this announcement on the eve of Mobile World Congress, the massive telecom industry conference that is about to start on Monday in Barcelona.