google assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that helps with your everyday tasks by letting you ask anything. It can make your life easier. Here are 7 Google Assistant commands that will change your life.

Get travel advice (including live traffic information)

While entering your destination into Google Maps when setting out on a long journey, you can ask Google. “How long will it take me to X (destination)?” ad it will tell you how long you can expect it to take using your default travel method.If the mode of traffic it suggests is not the one you plan to use.

Check the weather forecast

It is morning and you want to know about the weather just ask Google Assistance “ what is the weather today?” and it will give you a quick forecast for the rest of the day. Along with expected high and low temperatures. You can also ask “What’s the weather forecast for the rest of this week?”


Helps you to find the nearest restaurant

Ask Google “Where’s the best restaurant near here?” ad it will display few well-reviewed nearby eating establishments. Again you can be more specific and ask questions like “Where can I get pizza near here?” or “Where can I get a Chinese takeaway?”

Helps you to Set an alarm for the morning

This is one of the practical uses of Google Assistant it helps you to wake at any time you wish just say, “Set an alarm for 7 am tomorrow” and that’s it, you don’t have to waste any time navigating through the clock app to enable or edit existing alarms.

Send a WhatsApp Message

If you have got a headphone with a mic then this feature permits you to send messages in WhatsApp without taking your phone out of your pocket. For Bluetooth headphones, it’ll work right off the bat, but if you’ve got a wired headset, you’ll need to change the settings. To do this, open the Google app’s Settings, then tap Voice and Hands-free, then check ‘For wired headsets’ is enabled.

Helps you to Play your favorite music

Sometimes you don’t want to pick your phone to change the music that’s playing, why not ask Google to take care of it? You can also use it in the home to change what’s playing on your Chromecast Audio. Tell Google to play kinds of music from an album, or any specific artist.


Recognize Any song

It of the newest feature added to Google Assistant is the option to identify the song that is playing in the background. Ask “What song is playing?” ad it will produce a card displaying the artist and the name of the song with lyrics.

How to uninstall it?

If you dot wat Google Assistant listening out for your every noise, you can disable it altogether. Press and hold the home button and tap the inbox icon in the top-right corner and an Explore page loads. Tap the three-dot button and choose Settings and Phone and you can turn Google Assistant off. This menu also lets you train your phone to your voice so it’ll unlock without you touching it.