Owing to complexity of business and IT operations 91% of Indian businesses feel they are at risk of cyber attack. This is according to a global study by Citrix and Ponemon Institute titled ‘The Need for a New IT Security Architecture’. Though the global average stands at 83%.

72 per cent of businesses in India say it is time for a new security framework

Cyber security has become one of the most discussed topics in the country as the Indian government aggressively pushes the Digital India initiative. Gartner predicts the Indian cyber security market to grow up to $1.24 billion by this year.

Cyber Security EstufsThe reason for anxiety

Though the cyber security market in India is growing yet some basics need to be set right. According to the research only 34% respondents from India believe the senior leadership of their organization considers cyber security as a strategic priority.

Only 44% percent of the respondents in the country, which is less than the half said, their organizations have the right policies to protect information assets and critical information.

What is most alarming is that 63% of the respondents said their organization’s existing security testing solutions were outdated and inadequate. Nearly 60% of respondents also stated that employees and third parties bypass security policies and technologies because they are too complex. 

The research involved insights from over 4,200 IT and IT security practitioners globally.