A glimpse of the phone that never released. The Federal Communications Committee (FCC) has recently published several photos of a gold iPhone X that might get released. The 180-day confidentiality period on the photos has now lapsed, offering a clear view of an iPhone X with a glass backplate featuring the same gold tone as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus released in September. To know more, MacRumors has first spotted the now-public photographs. These stainless steel sides are also a shade of gold.

Leading up to last year’s iPhone event, it had been reported that Apple has been working on a gold version of the iPhone X, but that color was never shown on stage, and Apple went with only two color choices, namely space gray and white/silver. Presumably, the company ran into unforeseen manufacturing obstacles with the gold one. Also, it has been reported that Apple is working on a gold version of the iPhone X’s successor, so the company would be giving it another try in a few months.


Had Apple used one of those iPhone X colors for its FCC filing, then users wouldn’t have gotten the photos of the gold model and a rare look at an unreleased Apple product. Also, these images have arrived on the very same day that Bloomberg revealed an internal Apple memo with a stern warning against leaking confidential information. In this case, Apple itself has made the misstep. The present-day also marks the release of a fourth, red color choice for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. However, there’s no red option for the iPhone X.