It’s shocking but true! More than 200 central and state government websites have now publicly revealed personal details such as names and addresses of some of the Aadhaar beneficiaries, as per the recent reports by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

In response to the query by RTI, the Aadhaar issuing body further added that it had already detected the breach and have got the data removed from those websites. However, they did not clearly specify when exactly did the breach take place.

As per the claims by UIDAI, Aadhaar details have been never made public by them. But they also added that “However, it was found that approximately 210 websites of the central government, state government departments including educational institutes were displaying the list of beneficiaries along with their name, address, other details and Aadhaar numbers for information of general public”.

To look back, UIDAI had issued Aadhaar, i.e. a 12-digit unique identification number, which would act as an identity and address proof for being anywhere in the country.

The central government is in the process of making Aadhaar mandatory for people to avail benefits of various social service schemes. To this, RTI’s reply was,”UIDAI has a well-designed, multi-layer approach robust security system in place and the same is being constantly upgraded to maintain the highest level of data security and integrity”.

Also, as per the claims by UIDAI, the architecture of the Aadhaar ecosystem has been designed to ensure data security and privacy which is an integral part of the system from the initial design to the final stage. They further added that “Various policies and procedures have been defined, these are reviewed and updated continually thereby appropriately controlling and monitoring any movement of people, material, and data in and out of UIDAI premises, particularly the data centers”.

UIDAI also confirmed that security audits are conducted on a regular basis to further strengthen security and privacy of data. Besides this, all possible steps are taken to make the data safer and protected.