The Skype Community in February has launched Skype Lite at Future Decoded India. It is considered to be the fastest and smallest updated app, amplified for the Indian market. Skype Lite would be launched in the summer of 2017 and is speculated that this would be handy to all the Indian users.

Ekyc is considered to be world’s extensive nation identification number project and permits the users in India to commune with the government, business and others with a higher level of trust and lower potential for fraud.With the help of this latest version of Skype lite,  Aadhaar integration can be used to verify user identity online and the communication process is secured.

Using Skype Lite, either of the party can request Aadhaar verification over a video call using Skype Lite. To confirm the user identity, the user has to click on “Verify Aadhaar identity”, followed by a 12 digit number and then authenticate with a one-time present password sent via SMS. Once Validated, the user can make its own decision whether or not to share the pre-selected Aadhaar number with the other person, to confirm his identity.

For Instance, the user may desire to make a Skype Lite call to an important business dignitary or government representative by using Aadhaar. In this case, both the parties can recognize their identity at the beginning of the call to prevent impersonation fraud.

The user will get same great Skype Lite experience during the call and once done with the conversation, both the parties will see the Aadhaar verification captured as an event within the conversation.

Skype will not enlist any Aadhaar information and just like the previous usage,  it will always be the storehouse of the user’s private information, including the video call and audio conversation as it is encrypted.

Last but not the least, Skype Lite is available to download on Android here.