The integration of Aadhaar System with Skype application is one of the greatest instances of companies combining systems applications and products to create better solutions, regarded Infosys co-founder and non-executive chairman Nandan Nilekani.

Addressing a gathering during a seminar on ‘Unlocking US-India Trade Potential’, organized by the U.S. Consulate General in Chennai, in collaboration with Atlantic Council, he regarded that, “Today, if somebody wants to interview a candidate on Skype and make sure that the candidate is genuine, one can get Aadhaar authentication on Skype to verify that he is the real candidate,” he said, addressing a gathering during a seminar on ‘Unlocking US-India Trade Potential’. “This is an example of how a U.S. company has combined their systems applications and products for Windows and Skype with Aadhaar”, he further added.

According to Nilekani, India has successfully created a sophisticated digital infrastructure with Aadhaar, providing the Indians with a digital identity. He further added that integration of bank account, mobile phone, and digital identity will help citizens in the delivery of services with ease, adding that the rise of startups in the country offers a huge potential for trade and business between the US and India.

After this, Mr. Nilekani also added that Infosys would be hiring 2,000 persons for the planned innovation hub at Indiana in the U.S. The company will be sourcing the talent locally through universities, as well as hiring experienced professionals. “We are working closely with the Indiana government”, was his statement where he also regarded that the company was talking to several other States in the U.S. to start similar innovation hubs and that it was a part of the company’s capacity building.

Right now, the challenge before Infosys is to get its employees updated on current technology and development and to ensure that they would learn the latest technologies quickly, he added in the presence of U.S. Consul General Robert Burgess.