Adobe-lightroom CC AI

Adobe announced a new wave of updates to the entire Lightroom CC ecosystem, from Lightroom CC and classic CC on the desktop to the mobile apps for iOS and Android. Adobe has added support for new cameras and lenses and some new great features.

The new auto settings create better photo by analyzing your photo and comparing it to tens of thousands of professionally edited photos. Auto settings have been completely reworked to create better results, every time.

Using the advanced neural network powered by Adobe Sensi, the artificial intelligence, and machine learning platform. The new Auto Settings creates a better photo by analyzing your photo and comparing to tens of thousands of professionally edited photos to create a beautiful, pleasing image.

lightroom CC

Lightroom on Desktop

Tone Curve

The Tone curve is one of the most famous tools used by the photographers for advanced control of the contrast, color balance and tonality of the image. The tone curve lives next to the Auto Button on the light panel.

Split Toning

Split toning permits you to stylize your photo through color tints in the highlights and shadows of your image. Split Toning lives in the Effects panel.

Change Capture Time

Lightroom CC now enables you to adjust the capture time, for both single photos as well as a set of photos. Lightroom CC will update the capture date and make sure that your photos show up on the right day and time in the organize view, making it easier to find your photos when you need them.

lightroom cc AI

Lightroom CC on Android and iOS

Adobe has added app shortcuts for Android Nougat and later devices. The users just need to tap and hold the app icon to launch the quickly into famous modes. The iOS users can create and customize a text-based watermark. Along with the improved quality of HDR capturing and bug fixes and speed improvements.

Adobe also mentioned that the Lightroom CC also supports tethered capture with Nikon D850 camera. An update to Lightroom 6 for perpetual licensed customers for new camera support will be available on December 19th.