Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has applied for a trademark that is for a new mobile brand known as ‘POCOPHONE’. Once successful, POCOPHONE will be the third brand under Xiaomi will be selling its devices.

Presently, the company sells smartphones under two brands which is Mi and Redmi. According to the report the company had applied for the patent by the end of May. In fact, the company reportedly has already kept its first phone ready under the brand name, which may be soon unveiled in European markets.

Another report informs, Taiwan-based statutory regulator NCC has certified a new smartphone which is listed under model number M1805E10A. The device has not assigned a name yet and is just known by its model number.

According to the list, the manufacturer of the device is mentioned as Xiaomi Communications Technology Co., Limited. However, instead of the conventional Xiaomi brands of Redmi or Mi, the device was listed under the brand name ‘POCOPHONE’.

Although the report does not confirm any of the device’s hardware or software specifications other than a few connectivity specifications such as supporting FDD-LTE bands, 7 and8. The listing also confirms GPS, GLONASS and Chinese satellite navigation system BeiDou.

Apart from smartphones, Xiaomi has the whole host of products such as laptops, smart LED televisions. Also, household appliances, lifestyle products etc. However, it is not known whether the company will also sell its other products or just focus on selling smartphones under the ‘POCOPHONE’ brand.