Google has hit the headlines again. This time with the news of the addition of new machine learning and AI tools to its Sheets app that is mainly done in lieu of simplifying the way users work with large data in spreadsheets.

This states that one of the key updates now would relate to the creation of Pivot tables. This powerful data analysis tool would be used to find insights from large, detailed datasets. But the challenge would remain to create such a table.

So, now Sheets would be able to automatically suggest a pivot table, to visually represent the numbers, data for rows, and columns, while working with a pivot table and the formulas that are mainly based around the data the users are working with.

To this, Google stated that the financial professionals would be now able to “use everyday language to ask questions of their data and have the answer returned as a pivot table.”

Google Sheets
Image Credit: Android Central

With an infusion of AI, Sheets would now suggest a pivot table based on a simple natural language query. Sheets would also now suggest relevant tables in the pivot table editor for users that would create them from scratch, and then would auto-suggest formulas that are specific to the data.

Regarding this recent update of the Sheets, Google Sheets product manager Beri Lee, regarded in a blog post, that, “Last year, we launched ‘Explore’ in Sheets to help you decipher your data easily using the power of machine learning, and since then we’ve added even more ways for you to intelligently visualize and share your company data. Today, we’re announcing additional features to Google Sheets to help businesses make better use of their data, from machine learning-powered pivot tables and formula suggestions to even more flexible ways to help you analyze your data”.

Lastly, in addition to the pivot table upgrade, this app had been also re-tuned with a simplified way to create waterfall charts and a faster process for importing formatted data files.