Competition soaring high in the Indian telecom sector, and the prime reason being the entry of Reliance Jio into the scenario. Thus, as an effect of this, prepaid plans have become much affordable, calling becoming free on most plans, and data becoming more  cheaper. Also, while there are constant revisions in prepaid plans, the postpaid plans don’t see much of an alteration. Recently, both Airtel and Vodafone have revised their postpaid plans to offer more data and among other benefits.

Talking of Airtel, it has been offering one-year Amazon Prime membership to select postpaid customers for a while now. This benefit was previously offered to postpaid users on the ₹499 plan and above, but now the telecom operator has extended this benefit to the ₹399 plan as well. This further refers to the fact that all users who are a part of the Airtel ₹399 postpaid plan, would be now able to avail one-year Amazon Prime membership for free, apart from the other benefits that are offered. This plan also offers 40GB of data with rollover support, and unlimited local + STD calls.

The Airtel ₹399 postpaid plan was recently revised to bring additional 20GB data for a year. Post revision, it now offers 40GB of data, with rollover support of up to 200GB. The plan also offers unlimited local, STD, and roaming calls, 100 SMS messages per day, and Wynk Music access for the entire billing cycle. Additionally, this plan now offers Amazon Prime membership for a year, and it can be availed by visiting the official My Airtel app. Notably, the Airtel website’s postpaid section doesn’t yet list the Amazon Prime subscription at the time of writing.

To avail this offer, the subscriber needs to visit the My Airtel app and click on the Airtel Thanks banner at the bottom of the app. All ₹399 plan users should now see the Amazon Prime subscription benefit, and they can press the ‘Claim Now’ button to avail the one-year free membership.

It’s also worth noting that this offer is only for Amazon users who do not have a Prime membership. If you are already a subscriber, then users would have to wait for the ongoing Prime subscription to end before the offer can be availed. Similarly, Amazon customers on free trial of the service can avail the offer, but then their subscription would be bound by Airtel’s rules. According to an Airtel SMS, the free Prime subscription would be provided as long as the customer continues on the current plan or upgrades to a plan of higher value. So, if they switch to a plan of lesser value, the subscription can be terminated. After the free 1-year subscription, the customer would be charged ₹999.

For further reference, the Airtel plan’s rival is the Vodafone’s Rs. 399 postpaid plan that offers similar benefits. Vodafone already offers Amazon Prime membership to its subscribers, and now Airtel has also added that benefit to give Vodafone a proper fight in the postpaid