Bharti Airtel has created headlines this time and now it states of the tie up with e-commerce honchos such as Flipkart, MakeMy Trip, Netflix which would give customized offers to its subscribers as the telco tries to transform into a digital platform which would increase customer stickiness and, over time, generate higher revenues.

Slated under the #AirtelThanks, the country’s second-largest telco’s privilege membership programme, the offers are now opened to subscribers who contribute a monthly revenue of over ₹100 on an average. In addition, on the principle of higher the recharge, the bigger would be the value of the offers.

nettflix-2To this, Vani Venkatesh, chief marketing officer at Bharti Airtel, added that the idea is to make sure a subscriber stays with the firm. He also stated that, “We studied telcos across the globe including T Mobile and Telstra for this”.

In between cutthroat competition for subscribers, which has driven voice and data prices to all-time lows, mobile phone operators are increasingly looking to differentiate their services by offering various services and products, which could be monetized later.

Reliance Jio, for example, leverages its own digital retail platform, offline retail stores, and content, to customize offers for its subscribers. However, in comparison, Airtel doesn’t have its own content and ecommerce platform. Hence, it is looking for a scope to rope in its over 350 million subscribers through tie ups for content and data services.

Sameer Batra, CEO – content and apps, at Bharti Airtel. added that, “The more you are invested in the brand, the higher differentiated products and more options thrown to you”.


The telco’s tieup with Flipkart revolves around offering cash backs in the form of coupon recharges on buying a smartphone from the e-commerce platform.

Also, when asked whether the company was a tad late in getting onto the e-commerce bandwagon, Airtel executives disagreed. To this, Batra added that, “We have done fewer things in the past, but we have done impactful things” and also claimed that it was all coming together for the telco now, in terms of tactical partnerships.