Qualcomm is in the news again. This time along with AMD, it has announced a surprise partnership that would make Ryzen-powered laptops always-connected machines.

While it was already known that Ryzen processors are making their way to laptops in the following year, Qualcomm’s intervention would turn the AMD’s mobile platform into an always-connected one. Here, again in this team, Qualcomm has planned on integrating its Snapdragon LTE modems into AMD’s next line of mobile APUs.

So this would effectively make the Ryzen– powered machines an always-connected system capable of Gigabit LTE speeds while being able to take advantage of Qualcomm’s low-energy connectivity technology.

This is an unprecedented partnership, but definitely, the one that makes absolute sense.

Between this and Qualcomm’s own Snapdragon 835 chips, this would leave Intel as the outdated processor brand, as it is the only notebook processor choice that doesn’t come with an LTE modem built into the chipset. Rather, users currently must elect for the optional connectivity package at an added expense.

On the other hand, Qualcomm benefits from this by being able to license out its connectivity package to another computing platform. All the while the Snapdragon LTE modems, allow the brand to put its stamp on a processor line far more capable and on par in performance to that of Intel.

However, the biggest warning for the users, in this case, would be that the users would likely need to extend their data service to their mobile computing device. Further, a thing of concern also remains that Whether AMD would start working with Qualcomm to integrate LTE radios on every single mobile-based Ryzen processor.