Amazon has really thought of something unique this time and has rolled out Hindi language support for its Android and mobile site users. This latest language support focuses mainly on the importance of the Indian market and its large pool of customers to the e-commerce. Now, With the addition of this Hindi language support, Amazon seeks to capture a wider audience in the country. Amazon here confirms that customers can now read detailed product information, find deals and discounts, place the orders, pay for their orders, manage their account information, track their orders, view order history and all these in Hindi.

Amazon India’s Android app and mobile website now have a new language option in the left Menu bar. However, at the recent press event at New Delhi, the company added that this app does not require to be updated, with the new Language option showing up thanks to a server-side update. The language button now also has the option to switch from English to Hindi, and it currently lists only top products and important shopping information in Hindi. However, this latest Hindi language support currently does not list all products in the regional language, but navigation buttons and posters do read in Hindi. Amazon here states that the search feature and the delivery address currently needs English intervention as well, but over the course of the months, would add more shopping features like product reviews, questions, and answers in Hindi.


Here, now, once users choose the preferred language, it would be saved and remembered for future visits as well. A user can, in fact, change their language any time they want. The iOS app and the site for the PC would get the new experience at a later stage. Amazon further added here that it would introduce other Indic languages in the future as well, adding that since it started with Hindi, it found that roughly 50 percent of its customers who prefer shopping in a language other than English and want to get the experience in Hindi.

To conclude, Manish Tiwary, VP, Category Management, Amazon India, added that, “Our aim is to ensure any customer can find anything they want on, anytime and anywhere, irrespective of the language they speak or where they came from. The launch of the Hindi shopping experience is a significant step towards bringing the next 100 million customers online. The first Indian language launch will enable crores of Hindi-preferring customers across India to shop in their preferred language”.