Amazon India has recently developed new procedures in their buying and delivery options. This time, it has started giving a One Time Password (OTP) to customers making certain high-value orders to offer a more secure shopping experience. The OTP would be now required to be entered on the delivery agent’s device to complete and confirm the delivery. Additionally, the online marketplace has been spotted offering the latest option, ‘No Rush Delivery’ option under which customers would receive a cashback worth ₹15. The latest developments have emerged days after the company celebrated its fifth anniversary in the country by giving a cashback worth ₹250 to customers spending ₹1,000 or more using a digital payment method.

Talking about this latest OTP feature, this comes into action whenever users make an order on Amazon India. The online marketplace gives this unique six-digit OTP in the message confirming the order. This OTP needs to be entered on the delivery agent’s device to complete and confirm the delivery.


Here it needs to be mentioned, that the OTP feature seems to have been implemented earlier this month and is applicable only to orders of a specific value. This refers to the fact that users won’t get OTPs on every single order they would place on Amazon India. Having said that, it is also a fact that the feature exists majorly for orders containing expensive items, thus, likely to limit the instances of deliveries to the wrong person and possibly even limit theft by personnel in the logistics teams.

In addition to the feature sending OTPs on specific orders, Amazon India has, in fact, started providing a No Rush Delivery option on certain orders. The new option is designed for orders that don’t require urgent deliveries. Moreover, customers opting for this new option receive an Amazon Pay cashback worth ₹15.

To conclude, features like the OTP availability and No Rush Delivery option are actually meant to help Amazon make its e-commerce model a stronger competitor against Walmart-backed Flipkart, which would continue to retain its leadership in India.