Not at home? A parcel is out for delivery to your place? No worries at all. Amazon has come up with a smart innovation – the Amazon Key. A combination of a lock and camera system that lets users control access to their house remotely. A smart system which can allow delivery executives deliver a package into your locked house without the door keys. Users might as well create temporary pass codes for friends and other services professionals to enter as well. If you are not ready to upgrade your lock, then make sure to get a key duplication so you have an extra key in case you lose yours.

This new offering is an attempt by Amazon to provide service to its ‘Prime’ customers who are not being able to make it to home to receive an order in person and obviously doesn’t want the package to get stolen from their doorstep. This innovation is also suggestive of the fact that Amazon is in all hopes making a place and expanding its reach in the home security devices market, where Google parent company Alphabet’s Nest Labs has already made a name for itself.

How does it work?

The customers need to set a ‘Cloud Cam’ camera inside their hall and the compatible smart lock on their door. After the arrival of the Amazon courier, they would be able to unlock the door and drop the package off inside. The camera here records the delivery to ensure that everything has fallen into place as it should have been.

Image Credit: Business Insider

Members of Amazon Prime shopping club can pay $249.99 and up for a cloud-controlled camera and lock the company offers to install. As per Peter Larsen, Amazon Vice President of delivery technology, “This is not an experiment for us. This is a core part of the Amazon shopping experience from this point forward”. Also, regarding home-theft, he added that it is “not something that happens in practice”. In some cases, Amazon might as will reimburse customers if any problem arises.

But even after this, it is still not verified that whether such protection measures would be able to completely satisfy the customers’ security concerns.

According to Kwikey locksmith, the demands for other smart lock systems have been till now compared with connected devices like the Amazon Echo speaker. But this Amazon Key till now is not equipped with home alarm systems.

To this, rival company Walmart Stores have also announced their similar delivery plans, stating that it would test placing grocery items ‘straight into the fridge’, collaborating with smart lock business August Home.

Amazon has confirmed that this Amazon Key would be launched 8th November in 37 US locations.

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