Amazon recently announced its four new designs for PC manufacturers and these could make it much easier to integrate Alexa in more PCs. The new Windows 10 PC designs have been pre-tested and are “final-product designs.” These also include far-field microphone arrays so that Alexa would be able to hear users from across the room, and of course, they would be powered by Intel processors.

The four designs have been made by Taiwan-based manufacturers Wistron, Compal, and Quanta. Wistron has an all-in-one PC with a 27-inch 4K display. It also includes a 1080p webcam with an infrared sensor, four microphones, and two stereo speakers. In addition, Wistron has also developed a convertible notebook that has a 15.6-inch 4K touch display, an HD camera, eight hours of battery life, four microphones, and two speakers.

Compal also made a convertible notebook with a 15.6-inch 4K touch display, an infrared camera, a fingerprint sensor, 13 hours of battery life, a stylus, four digital microphones, and two speakers. Amazon over here notes that this notebook could be suited for mobile gaming, courtesy its longer battery life and stylus.

In addition, there’s the Quanta-made convertible notebook with a smaller 14-inch 4K display, no touch, a whopping 18 hours of battery life, a fingerprint reader, four digital microphones, and two speakers. This one in particular, is made for spending more time outdoors unplugged, as indicated by the battery life.

However, it needs to be noted here that not every PC on the market today has the specs to fully take advantage of Alexa’s capabilities. The reason being the need to have the wake word engine built-in and far-field microphones to pick up the user’s voice from situations where users are not right next to the computer. But more and more PCs are getting the integration, like from Acer and Asus to Lenovo and HP.