AMD Launches Ryzen PRO

AMD launches Ryzen Pro – a range of processors mainly for desktops used in corporate offices. According to industry insiders, this latest range of AMD products is pretty identical to its already existing Ryzen chips. However, the just-launched range of items is meant to take on vPro-compatible processors from the Intel stable. Intel’s v-Pro has a high credibility in the market, given its unparalleled efficiency in handling security, administrative and management capabilities. Thus, speculation is high that AMD Ryzen Pro will prove to be an outstanding product as well.

The product, according to technical experts, comprises a pair of eight-core, 16 thread parts. This is exactly double the number of cores and threads as compared to the Intel chips. It is to be noted here that Intel does not manufacture vPro-enabled 13 series processors. Computer hardware experts opine that, even for modest computational needs, there should at least be an i5 for vPro capabilities at any workplace. A market survey revealed, there is a pair of AMD Ryzen 3 Pro chips with four cores and four threads each at the lower price range. Additionally, Ryzen 3 Pros have a considerable amount of turbo boosting, unlike that in the i3 variety.

Analysts – on the other hand – point out that AMD is silent on mentioning the exclusive Pro features. The features that the manufacturer mentioned, include secure boot, memory encryption and a firmware-integrated TPM. But, these features are present in all regular Ryzen chips and not exclusively in Ryzen 3. System configuration has become much standardized at the enterprise level. Businesses thus, can easily invest in such systems and enjoy several years deployment.

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