On Monday, the Android 8.0 Oreo was officially introduced to the world. It is said to be the faster, smarter and richer in features as compared to any other version of Android that has come up. Moreover, Android 8.0 Oreo has better security firewalls and works at a lightening speed. Thus, users are expected to move fast in operating their smartphones and stay safe at the same time.

Prior to the official launching, speculation was ripe that the version of Android Operating System will be termed Oreo. However, there was no response, whatsoever, from Google over the matter. Finally, the official release, which was made this week, confirmed the speculation was correct.

According to the experts, Android Oreo is potential enough to redefine the Android-experience for the users around the globe. Out of its numerous jaw-dropping features, Android 8 will allow users check out their schedule while busy on a video call. The picture-in-picture feature will, thus, allow a user to see two apps at a time. The notification dots will allow one to check out the latest ones so that immediate action can be taken on them.

Android 8 Oreo has inbuilt Google Play Protect to enhance the safety and security feature. Along with security status front, it also comes with tighter app install controls. Unlike the other versions of the Operating System, Oreo cuts down unintentional overuse of the battery by the background apps.

Android Oreo, as mentioned above, operates at a lightening speed. It is important to mention here, Oreo has twice the boot speed as compared to its predecessors. The Autofill feature remembers a user’s every login to launch his favourite app instantly. In addition to the features mentioned above, the current version of Android allows users teleport into the apps directly, without any installation required.

Considering all these concept features, the experts are of the opinion, the Android 8 Oreo will have astounding success in the market.


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