In one word, what is the answer to all our quarries? Yes, we are talking about Google. Though it has also developed its recent role in securing internet connection to innumerable projects spanning all over the tech industry, including self-driving cars and floating balloons, it has not drifted from its humble beginnings in a search. So, to add to this, Google is about to launch an update that would give the users a more personalized experience while searching.

The prime plan of the update includes changing the ‘feed’ which we view while heading towards the Google App section on the Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone. But the point to be noted here is that this update is not valid for the for the desktop yet, though Google states that it the procedures to update the browsers have already started.

Now talking about the changes, this ‘feed’ itself had its debut in December as a part of Google App. The changing factor remains the personalization. For example, The users now have the advantage where they might or might not follow individual topics and the feed will rope in information based on those interests. So, presenting the abilities:

Dive Deeper– ‘Dive Deeper’ will enable the users to delve deep into topics in which they have an interest, apart from simply reading the article Google presents in the feed. This can be enabled with a tap on the header of the card in the Google app to search the related topic on Google. With that, as many as search results, things like the topic, related articles, and recent news are visible.

Along with this Google is also aiding people to search for different perspectives on a specific topic. Well, this is possible, with a small carousel section beneath featuring other related articles from different publications.

Google image 1
Image Credit: Google

New to you– Contents are found in a section which Google designates as ‘New to You’. This refers to the content not new to the web but is found in reference to the latest interest of the user. For instance, if the user is keenly interested and have recently started playing the guitar, then, if he/she searches for the instrument on the net, then Google will be quick enough to grab the interest and present a guide like “how to string your guide’, which was updated two years back. Not new to Google but definitely important for the user.

Google iamge 3
Image Credit: Google

Follow– Until now, the users have been informing Google about choosing your interests. But this time can tell the users clearly about their interests with a new ‘Follow’ button, located on the top left of the topic cards in Google search, and tapped once, will automatically produce the related contents of that field. For instance, users might watch Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and have an interest in Harry Styles, an actor in the film. So the users simply need to search Harry Styles and then find the ‘Follow’ button and tap on that. Also, in the same way, it is easy to unfollow him as well.

As per Emily Moxley, the product manager for Search, they are working on the improvement of interest signals. “So we’ve worked a fair amount on ensuring that those algorithms work really really well. Plus, if you see an article that interests you can deep dive into that entire topic”, she added.

Lastly, this update is available for both the Android and iOS version of the Google app, and for the Google Pixel owners, they can get their share of this updated version by swiping left on the home screen.