Microsoft has brought in some really good news this time, especially for the Android users. The company recently announced some updates to its virtual assistant, Cortana, which includes not only an interface makeover but also inclusion of new features.

This makeover is definitely for the better, with the settings of the Cortana 2.9, now more easy to access, the interface reduced to two tabs rather than three which will be labeled and also the overall look now has become cleaner.

Microsoft has introduced the latest Insider Preview build 16251 for PC and Build 15235 for mobile, which are the features installed into Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. But the thing to remember here is these updates will be available only to the developers who have signed in for the Windows Insider program.

The features added will improve the capabilities of the Edge Browser, and also aid to the cross-device browsing between a smartphone and a Windows PC. Now a quick glance at the features:

Easier Cross device browsing:

The update starts with improving the Cross device browsing. This includes that any user can open a web page on the desktop browser by simply tapping on the option of ‘Continue on PC’ in the share section on the mobile browser. So this states that now if a user is viewing a webpage on a smartphone and immediately wants to view it on the bigger screen, he doesn’t have to look for it again in the desktop browser. Both the Android smartphones and Apple iPhones will have this feature where the user will be provided with the option to save the webpages to open at some other time selecting the ‘Continue Later’ button.

Cortana 1
Image Credit: LiveMint 

Improving Cortana:

This states Microsoft making Cortana more useful by enlisting the option to carry out the tedious tasks like restarting, locking or shutting down the PC only by voice commands. So now this Virtual Assistant comes to the rescue if the hands are occupied.

With this, the user can also perceive the details of the specific search results in the Cortana pane itself, instead of moving to the web browser. For other miscellaneous works such as flight status, movie timings, stock prices and weather updates, the Cortana pane will resort to the web browser for every little query.

As of for now, the voice command feature will only be available to the users who are at ease with English but soon will resort to other languages also.

Cortana 2
  Image Credit: LiveMint

Making the Edge Browser Finer:

This new makeover also gives a finer touch to the Edge Browser app, which claims of updating and minimizing any sort of hang or crash in the app. Certain chronic problems such as PDF not opening after a refresh or not fitting the page have been solved.Also, the Webpages in the tablet will now look more immersive, without the compressed look.