The latest news to hit the headlines is from the Cyber security genre. This time it has revealed the details about the malware LeakerLocker, which has actually entered the scenario to send all your personal pictures, information, browser history to your friends, with greater ease. Also, the worst part is that this malware supposedly does not encrypt files.

It seems that Google’s Android platform is perhaps facing the worst phase in terms of malware infestations. This is the third report of a malware in the past week, after gaining knowledge about the CopyCat and SpyDealer malware.

More on this LeakerLocker malware:

As per the discoveries of Popular security technology company McAfee, this ransomware can be easily downloaded from the Google Play. Right now, it has mainly detected two apps in particular to carry the malware. They are namely, Wallpapers Blur HD and Booster and Cleaner Pro. For instance, Wallpapers Blur HD, which has been downloaded 5,000 and 10,000 times, right at this juncture, requests permissions such as calls, reading and sending SMS, access to contacts and similar other things.This has been found strange enough by the users.

Again, with regards to the Booster and Cleaner Pro, this has become the easy target as this is such a kind of app that almost requires access to everything on your phone for the proper functioning, which the users may unknowingly give permission for.

Again, a striking factor of this malware remains, but that it captures information, creates an unauthorized backup but does not encrypt them. Rather, it orders a ‘modest random’, falling which states that the attacker would leak the target’s personal data to their contacts.

Lastly, to end on a happy note, the users must be aware that Google has already started making the move by working on an Android ‘panic button’ which would help users to escape through a highly malicious app and back to the home screen. Though the release date for this is yet not confirmed, the last reports state that it’s being tested on Android 7.1 Nougat.