Time flies fast and yet again this saying is proved. How?!! Well, this year Apple celebrates 20 years of the launch of its iMac. 20 years back,  Apple has officially introduced the world to the iMac. It’s easy to look at the iMac today and take it for granted, but Steve Jobs’ introduction is one that’s worthy of rewatching even after two decades. So, in honor of the anniversary, Tim Cook took to Twitter to share a clip of that event.

In his tweet, Tim Cook celebrates Jobs’ introduction of the iMac 20 years ago today. Cook here also remarks that the iMac forever changed the way people looked at computers. The attached video clip shows Jobs unveiling the computer and touting its all-in-one design to an eager crowd at the Flint Center. The tweet read something like, “20 years ago today, Steve introduced the world to iMac. It set Apple on a new course and forever changed the way people look at computers”.

To look back, it was on May 6, 1998, that the Cupertino-based company introduced its first-ever all-in-one desktop, paving way for advanced computing technologies as we all know today.

The first iMac was unveiled by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and also featured a 15-inch CRT screen and a meager 4GB hard drive.

In fact, as per the reports by Engadget, despite the entry-level specifications, compared to the computers today, the iMac was responsible for bringing Apple back into the business after years of business blunders. To know more, from $1,299, i.e. ₹87,200, priced original iMac to the present-day iMac Pro at $4,999, i.e. roughly ₹3.35 lakhs, Apple has roped in revolutionary technology at a premium.