KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been providing a lot of information lately on Apple plans for the iPhone in 2018. Previously on this month, Kuo informed that the Cupertino giant could launch three iPhones next year. At present, Kuo has added that at least one of the phones will sport modems from Qualcomm and that all of them will come with support for dual-SIM.

According to the information, Kuo informs an early rumor that Apple is looking to Intel for a majority of the modems. One of the main reason behind this could be due to Apple’s ongoing legal disputes with the Qualcomm will still provide modems but in limited numbers. Intel will supply 70 to 80 percent of the modems, while the rest will be supplied by Qualcomm.

The iPhone models in 2018 will trait Intel’s XMM 7560 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X20 modems with both carrying 4×4 MIMO technology that would permit faster LTE transmission speeds, Kuo said.

Next year’s iPhones are also expected to have DSDS (dual-SIM dual standby) and dual LTE. If the information is true then it will be the first time Apple has added dual-SIM support for an iPhone. Further, instead of the existing DSDS phones which commonly support LTE + 3G connections, next-gen iPhones will support LTE + LTE which will enable both the SIMs to be active simultaneously.

It is also possible that the iPhone next year will provide one SIM slot and one eSIM. The Apple Watch Series 3, which was released previously this year. It was the first smartwatch from Apple to feature eSIM support. While eSIM is currently being adopted in markets like the US, it is still not a thing in India, which is why the Series 3 with LTE connectivity never made it to the country.