As known from all the previous stories, instant messaging platform WhatsApp has recently rolled out its sticker support for both the Android and iOS users. In fact, soon after it was launched, both the operating systems had several third party apps, which would allow users to get new stickers.

This in turn stated that WhatsApp users could simply download these apps and get new stickers for themselves that were otherwise not a art of the WhatsApp.

However, the present situation seems to be a bit different. For instance, as per WABetaInfo, the Twitter handle that keeps a track of changes in beta versions, Apple is deleting all the WhatsApp Stickers apps from the App Store. For this, Apple has given three reasons saying that the apps are violating their guidelines.

Firstly, the presence of too many apps with similar behavior.

Secondly, installation of WhatsApp becomes a mandate for using stickers. According to Apple, an app should not require another app to function.

Thirdly, all these apps have the same design. Apple doesn’t approve the fact that a lot of apps would look similar, and won’t approve any other submissions as well.


In a way, it is definitely justified and does makes sense. In case of competitor apps, such as Telegram, the sticker feature is available on the same platform, and there is no need to install another app, just to get stickers support. If compared, WhatsApp should have also integrated such feature. On Android, the Play Store is currently flooded with a ton of sticker apps.

Now, it remains to be seen how WhatsApp reacts to this. Possibly in the future updates, it might add a functionality to create and add stickers right within the app, especially keeping in mind the fact that how quickly stickers feature became popular among the users.