In all probability, Apple is also secretly involved in running a manufacturing unit in the lieu of testing and developing its own displays.

As per the recent reports, the working of this unit is mainly meant for working on MicroLED screens, which permits devices to be thinner when compared with other screen technologies, and along with this, would be also brighter and more power-efficient than its current OLED displays.

Now, here sources close to this, have also regarded that, this project was almost abandoned a year ago but even after that is now making significant progress, although would take quite a few years before consumers see the results themselves.


Talking of the market:

However, this facility is allegedly not large enough for full-scale production. However, as per sources, it’s well-enough equipped to handle the entirety of the development process and, as a result, potentially secure MicroLED displays as the company’s own patented tech.

Right now, Apple is supplied by a variety of manufacturers and in fact rivals Samsung and LG are the names included in the list, to design and manufacture the displays for their flagship products, including the likes of the iPhone X and the Apple Watch.

So, this shift in the production and design of another key component in-house has the potential to significantly disrupt competing suppliers of the technology while on the other hand also creating an exclusive product to sell, i.e. the MicroLED displays.

Current Situation:

The first functional MicroLED screen produced by this project was reportedly achieved in an Apple Watch prototype late last year, minus the wearable and portable functionality. The above-mentioned series of devices is expected to be the first to adopt the new technology if it comes to pass.

The same people responsible for leaking the information have also estimated another three to five years before this screen technology is found in iPhones, but until then users would have to wait and continue to perceive OLED-equipped Apple devices.