Apple Music is quite the prominent online tool to generate widgets that are mostly used by artists to promote their music on their own sites and blogs. However, as per the latest reports, the widget has received an interface update which enables Apple Music subscribers to log in using their accounts and listen to whole songs, albums, and playlists instead of short previews. To look back, earlier, to listen to full songs in Apple Music users had to go to the iTunes or the mobile app. While there was an option to listen to music samples on the Web, this appears to be changing now.

As per the reports by 9to5Mac, a hawk-eyed Reddit user have discovered that Apple Music’s embeddable Web player now lets the users play entire songs, once they have signed in to their accounts.  In addition, users would be also able to add albums and playlists to the library without exiting the browser. However, this is not a full-fledged Web player such as Spotify, since users would not be able to create playlists, browse catalogs, to see what others are listening to.

The next part states an example of the new widget. The badges, links, and widgets for Apple Music have been made available on an Apple Music Marketing Tools site. Users would just have to click on the Sign in button in the top right corner. Now, users would log in to Apple Music with the user’s account name and password to play the music.


As of now, no such information has been found whether there would be a dedicated Web client later. However, speculations are afloat that Apple could launch a full online Apple Music client that lets users could log in and access their library similar to the Music app on iOS.

However, the latest change is still quite a refreshing one from Apple Music’s previous functionality. It is clear that Apple is taking Web playback seriously, and some related announcement might be made at WWDC 2018. Of course, after all, if Apple has to take on Spotify, it has to offer players in all places where the latter is an option.


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