As per the company’s latest confirmation, Apple has recently acquired a startup, which mainly focuses on making lenses for augmented reality glasses. Also, this is quite a signal that Apple has ambitions to make a wearable device and this would further superimpose digital information on the real world.

Apple confirmed that it has acquired Longmont, i.e. a Colorado-based Akonia Holographics. They also added a statement that “Apple buys smaller companies from time to time, and we generally don’t discuss our purpose or plans”.

However, Akonia could not immediately be reached for comment. To look back, the company was founded back in 2012 by a group of holography scientists and had originally focused on holographic data storage before shifting its efforts to creating displays for augmented reality glasses.

However, Akonia added that its display technology allows for “thin, transparent smart glass lenses that display vibrant, full-color, wide field-of-view images.” The website also states that the firm has a portfolio of more than 200 patents related to holographic systems and materials.

Also, the purchase price and date of the acquisition could not be learned, though one of the executives in the augmented reality industry added that the Akonia team had become “very quiet” over the past six months, implying that the deal may have happened in the first half of 2018.

To know more, this Akonia acquisition is the first clear indication of how Apple might handle one of the most daunting challenges in augmented reality hardware. This includes producing crystal clear optical displays thin and light enough to fit into glasses similar to everyday frames with images bright enough for outdoor use and suited to mass manufacturing at a relatively low price.