Apple Inc will launch a patch of Safari web browser on its iPhones, iPads, and Macs within days. After major chip manufactures revealed flaws that leave nearly every modern computing device vulnerable to hackers.

Google, Microsoft Corp and Mozilla Corp’s Firefox all fixed that the patches they newly have in place do not safeguard iOS users. With Safari and virtually all other famous browsers not patched. Hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users may have no protection means of browsing the web until Apple issues its patch. Apple emphasized that there were no known instances of the hackers taking advantage of the defect to date.

Google Inc. and other security researchers reveal two major chip defects one called Meltdown attacks only Intel Corp chip. Another is called Spectre which attacks nearly all computer chips made in the last decade.

Apple mentioned that all Mac and iOS devices were infected by both Meltdown and Spectre. But the most recent operating system updates for Mac computers, Apple TV’s, iPhones and iPads safeguard users against the Meltdown attack and do not slow down the devices. Meltdown does not affect the Apple Watch.

Macs and iOS devices are unsafe to Spectre attacks via code that can run in web browsers. Apple said it would affect a patch to its Safari web browser for those devices “in the coming days”.

The researchers disclosed the chip flaws, Google and Microsoft released reports informing their users which of their products were affected. Google said its users of Android phones. More than 80 percent of the worldwide market was secured if they had the newest security updates.

Ben Johnson, co-founder and chief strategist for cybersecurity firm Carbon Black said, “Something this severe gets the attention of all the employees and executives at a company, and when they go asking the IT and security people about it and security doesn’t have an answer for iPhones and iPads, it just doesn’t give a whole lot of confidence”.