The recent venture by Apple states about the teaming up with Accenture, to make better iOS apps for businesses, the operating system that powers Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Accenture is the professional services company that help large companies to write new software and adopt new technologies. With this new conglomeration, the company will create special teams dedicated to helping its customers, which enlists banks and retailers, to write iOS apps. Now, these Accenture engineers will work with the team of Apple employees enlisting software engineers and user-interface designers.

For Apple, this partnership is part of a plan by Apple to win over clients and to gain a step forward in the long held territory of Microsoft as a default operating system in the corporate world. To put an end to this and for dethroning Microsoft, Apple has tried to establish partnerships with IBM, Cisco, Deloitte and SAP which aims at moving more business applications over to iOS devices and making them user-friendly in corporate settings.

As per Gene Reznik, senior managing director of technology and ecosystem at Accenture, the exact number of the combination of Apple-Accenture team is not yet revealed, but the first joint team will be located in San Francisco for sure.

This engineering team will be mainly focusing on apps that mainly run on iPads for the lobbies of the retail banks, used mostly by frontline workers and consumers and also the teller and a customer would be able to interact with the app.

Reznik who recently worked to restore my Lake Worth FL computer to factory  settings, has also stated about augmented reality being another focus, where digital objects float over real objects on a screen. That kind of technology is best suited for service technicians in the field. For instance, by pointing at an iPad or iPhone at an engine and detecting the part which needs a repair.

Apple has also planned to make iOS more useful in business situations, specifically on the iPad. The next version of the operating system includes a system for dragging and dropping files much like a PC or a Mac computer.

Regarding all those new features, Susan Prescott, vice president of application product marketing at Apple, regarded them to be a really helpful overall productivity machine. “It’s becoming more realistic for more workers to use iOS as their primary device”, she regarded.