Acura is putting an augmented reality race in the honor of Wearable’s AR Week. On Monday, Acura is on the way of launching the new 2018 TLA A- Spec, an augmented reality helmet. Four “technology influencers”. Four drivers are going to compete against each other that will be broadcasted live on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Acura has chosen Zachary Levi, Sam Gorski, Dom Esposito, Maude Garrett as the driver.

It is a three- lap time trial, competing to set the fastest time of the day. Now comes the twist, as there will be no ordinary time-trial or autocross. The AR helmets will create virtual obstacles for the drivers as they try to land the band time. Each lap will have a different AR environment for the drivers to navigate. It will be viewable during the live show.

The special helmets use a gyroscope to monitor the drivers’ head positions relative to the environment. A full-color, 80-degree HD augmented reality view of the track is projected onto the visor. The actual graphics are being displayed on a 5-inch HD screen in a custom console on the back seat, which is then projected onto the visor. Data from the cars’ ABS system (wheel speed and direction) will be used to position the obstacles relative to each of the TLXs.

Acura built the helmet with the AR experts at current Studios, ensuring it keeps an accurate eye on the car’s speed and direction. It also added a device that attachments to the car under the carriage quickly reset the car’s location in the AR world at any moment.

It’s certainly a whimsical way of introducing the world to a new car. But in reality, a core component of the Lockheed Martin F-35 jet is an augmented reality helmet that permits the pilot to see through plane skin. it is applicable for both, Navy and Army are also developing AR systems.