Ratan Tata on Artificial Intelligence

The Chairman of eminent Tata Group, Ratan Tata has alerted, artificial intelligence like robots and analytics could replace the position of human innovation and impact on jobs for future. The business honcho has also advised that future companies would face hazards if they did not re-invent themselves and keep pace with the changing times.

TAL, the company group of Tata, which has the 100% subsidiary of Tata Motors, has a provision in Pune that can make 3,000 robots per year. The company has launched a highly indigenizing robot called Brabo.

Brabo is used mainly for small foundries. There are at least 25 Robots who are working on automotive and non-automotive parts requiring testing, chamfering and validation, assembly and vision based inspection.

Image Credit: beforeitsnews.com

The Tata group recently discloses its artificial intelligence based on online chatbot through its unique natural language and cognitive learning capabilities, understands and responses to human online queries. Tata Consultancy Services believes that by 2020 artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on sales, marketing or customer service.

Ratan Tata while speaking to an in-house of the Tata group, regarded that,“Technology is going to decide how businesses are run, and that’s not a new phenomenon. We are many decades into information technology and the automation that it has enabled. Interestingly, artificial intelligence and analytics may replace the information technology tools of the past. We don’t think much of it when we go to Google and ask a question and get immediate responses, sometimes before we finish asking the question. That kind of capability is going to becoming widespread, eliminating human inputs and impacting jobs. Tata companies in this space will need to reinvent themselves.”