Automation is the order of the day, at least for the IT Sector. The job roles are going through a rapid change with certain profiles getting outdated and new jobs making their way to areas like cyber security, cloud and Big Data, as per a recent survey by Simplilearn Career Data Labs.

This report, titled ‘How Automation is Changing Work Choices The Future of IT Jobs in India’, by Simplilearn have stated that the future will perceive the dwindling away of jobs like software test engineer, system engineer, and data entry operator.

Also, it stated that with this that the jobs gaining more demand will be mostly from the genres of Big Data and Data Science, AI, and Internet Of Things(IoT), cloud computing and the most important cyber security.

In the words of Kashyap Dalal, Simplilearn Chief Business Officer, the IT industry is right now perceiving the impact of two major trends, they are the AI and machine learning. Secondly, the legacy skill seems going to be out of date.

Simplilearn, the digital economy training company, has reported that job roles like data analyst and project manager will continue to generate interest among job seekers, but the skills required to perform these jobs will definitely take a back seat. Also, they speculated that labour-intensive jobs are supposed to gain momentum.

Jobs that might disappear soon Image Credit: Simplilearn
Jobs that might disappear soon           Source: Simplilearn

The last part of the report stated that automation can never be the substitute for human people. They suggested that employees should make themselves well accustomed with the changing times and start bridging the skill gaps, to rope in with the evolving business world.

The survey, conducted over 7,000 IT professionals, from all the key metros, stated that over 50% of the IT professionals, with an experience of 4-10 years, have invested in courses and training programs which would help them to build new skills, required for the future jobs.