The latest story from Google states about its launch of the new ‘Backup and Sync from Google’ tool, which mainly focuses on helping the users to back up and file and photos in a much more easy way. This newest app, as promised by Google, is the better substitution of Google Photos desktop app, as well as the Google Drive Client applications for both Mac and PC.

This is basically an initiative by Google in joining the utilities of the other apps’, so that the users don’t have to opt for two different software programs for the same purpose i.e. retrieving files off the computer and into Google’s cloud. Also, this new Backup and Sync App, which was supposed to get launched on the 28th June, got delayed due to iron out bugs.

How does this Backup App works?

This has a very user-friendly interface, where you just need to log into Google Account first and select the folders which you want to continually back up to the Google Drive. Since it’s replacing current user’s existing Google Drive installations, the tool will take a note of any recent setting which you have already specified on Mac and PC, as stated by Google, while demonstrating the tool in the works.

image macbook pro
Image Credit: TechCrunch

Other than backing up the files, this new software is also utilized to back up photos from the USB-connected devices, like cameras and SD cards. After this backing up, these files can be accessed in Google Drive from any device- enlisting your computer, phone or tablet. On the other hand, your photos and videos will be available in Google Photos.

The best part of the story goes that both the products’ websites are hosting this updated software, which is a free download for users.

Lastly, Google is all up for a release of a new enterprise-focused solution named Drive File Stream, which would be rolling out to all the G Suite Basic, Enterprise, education and Nonprofit domains, on the second half of this year. But, G Suite users can apply to the Early Adopter Program if they are in need of the Drive File Stream ahead of its public launch, as Google has previously declared that the business users i.e. the ones on G Suite, are not applicable to download this new software at this juncture.