This time get yourself introduced to Facebook’s BFF and yes this is not a joke. Need not mentioning but fake news and social media go hand in hand. From hoax messages to new security features, the series of fake news seems unending. So, in lieu of that, recently, a fake news has continued to make rounds online, along with the rumor about typing BFF on Facebook to test if the user account is protected from the hackers or not is actually a hoax.

The fact remains that this is actually a Facebook feature called Text Delight which automatically animates green and red hands giving a high five when published. Not only this, it also animates whenever a user clicks on it. But if users are not able to perceive this feature, it also doesn’t depict that the Facebook account can be hacked or is not secure.


In continuation to this, two probable reasons have also been detected as why the users are not being able to perceive this BFF feature:

  • Before launching a code globally, it is a general trend for the majority of the social media platforms to release their beta versions for some users. By doing this, they study the user behavior for the new feature. So, in this case, it is possible that Facebook is testing the code with regular active users and once they are done testing, it would be available to all the users.
  • Along with this, there is also a probability that the feature is ready for its usage but since Facebook has a very large user base, the code pushed is not synced with every account, and thus this might take time to sync with all the accounts. Regular visitors using the social media platform for a large time interval may see the feature before.

This same was observed when they first came up with their feature that turned ‘Congratulations’ red or the ‘friendsversary’ feature.


On the other hand, Text Delight might not work for users if they haven`t updated their Facebook app or Internet browser, and that might be one of the prime reasons to detect the Facebook account as less secure and easier to hack than those who have updated already.

Nevertheless, even if Text Delight does work, there’s no guarantee that your Facebook account cannot be hacked, as this is primarily a matter related to security and privacy settings.