The microSD card genre has a new story to share. Integral Memory is here with its 512GB microSD card, which is apparently the biggest microSD card. This enlists a record-breaking full half-terabyte of storage into the minuscule card format.

The card is an assemblage of V10, Class 10, and U1 standards and is also classified as an SDXC UHS-I U1 card. Thus, designed to designed to capture full HD video off cameras. In other words, it should possess a minimum sequential write speed of 10MB/second, which is half the speed of more-common U3/V30 cards. Now, the previous record holder, i.e. SanDisk’s now paltry 400GB card was still a bit faster at 100MB/s, whereas Integral Memory’s new 512GB behemoth tops out at a speed of maximum 80MB/s.

Though the price is not yet confirmed, it is definitely guaranteed to be expensive when it would be launched sometime in February.